The Top Google Tools You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Google is known across the globe for their ahead-of-the-curve approach to search marketing. And their strategic tools? You guessed it. Equally amazing. But did you know just how much valuable information was available?

Rather than pay thousands of dollars to an outsourced agency, you can gain an incredible amount of insight all on your own, just with a little time, persistence and eagerness to learn.

So, are you ready to learn the best Google Tools currently out there?

Autogenerated Transcript: The Top Google Tools You Can’t Afford to Ignore

When it comes to your digital marketing there are a number of different tools out in the market that you can utilize, but you need to make sure that you’re using the free tools offered by Google. Google is number one for the source of traffic so you need to make sure you’re holding them up to it.

The first one is Google search console, now this is a tool that lets you go, put your website in and it will go through and assess it like Google’s going through it and it will tell you if there are any issues on your site that you need to get fixed. If there’s any warnings, any errors it will tell you to go fix them, so make sure you follow those.

The next one is Google Analytics, if you’re looking at your website, trying to make judgment calls but don’t know where people are coming, from what time of day, what browser, what age, you need to make sure you have Google Analytics. This tool lets you go through see all the traffic coming to your website how they interact throughout your website and where they leave from.

The next one is Google AdWords Keyword Planner, now this is a tool that lets you see the volume of traffic coming through for each keyword in Google, now this is a good indicative tool, don’t take it to heart but it is a good tool to get a general sense how many people are coming through that keyword each month.

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The next one is Google my business, if you do a search for a business at the moment most likely on the right or up the top of your mobile search you’ll be seeing a little card that’s all about that business, it’s opening hours, call, website anything you need to know and this is through Google my business. So, if you’re not on there yet you need to jump on.

The next one is Page Speed insights and this is a tool developed by Google to allow you to put your website in and go through and load it. Basically, what it comes out with at the end is some recommendations of what you should improve on your website and what could be done a little bit better.

The next one is Google Trends now this is a tool that lets you put in a trending topic, see what topics are out there, say in the world of training and you’re able to jump on these and perhaps utilize them in your content marketing to help improve.

And the last one is Google Alerts, now this is a tool that you put in a little phrase, so it could be a business name and you’ll get alerted anytime someone references that on the web, this is a great little handy tool to get out there and just make sure you’re monitoring your brand.

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