How Google’s New Review Extension Can Help Your Small Businesses Pay-per-click

Following a successful Beta release of Google AdWords Review Extensions in June last year, Google is now rolling the feature out across all their AdWords accounts.

This new feature could be a helpful tool for local businesses who don’t have seller rating extensions to add validity to their sponsored advertisements. The idea behind the extension is that searchers can access authoritative reviews about a business under a company’s AdWords listing directly on the search engine results page, without having to navigate away.

Google claims that they have already found an “enthusiastic response” to review extensions, and that many advertisers who have adopted the extension have had “impressive results”.

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will already know that positive, good quality reviews are becoming increasingly more important for sales conversion, both online and offline. The review extension can help your business gain a competitive edge. This is not an untested strategy, but rather a tool that has already proven its effectiveness.

Guidelines and Parameters for Your Review

Below are some of the finer details to help you get the most out of this new feature:

Create only one review per campaign

Although you can submit more than one review per campaign, it isn’t actually advantageous. Only the first review to be approved by Google will run with your ad. So choose a review that is most meaningful and represents your company’s reputation well.

Opt for campaign level extensions rather than ad extensions

Campaign level extensions are considered higher priority and are generally processed quicker with a turnaround of only a couple of working days

Review must be current and from a reliable source

Reviews must be dated within the last 12 months and from an independent third party source not an individual user. You will be required to submit a URL as part of the verification process. This is to protect the feature from spambots and fake sources lacking in credibility.

Keep it short and snappy

You only have 67 characters to get your message across, including the source name, so be concise.

Reviews must be about your business not an individual product or service

The quote or summary you choose must reflect your business as a whole, as opposed to reviewing a specific product, otherwise it will be rejected.

Make sure you have permission

This should go without saying, but never use a source that you don’t have permission to use.

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How to Use Google Adwords Review Extension

Using review extensions is surprisingly simple. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab and select ‘Review Extensions’.
  2. Then click ‘+ Extension’ and select the campaign you want to add a review to.
  3. Type in the quote, the third-party source and URL link.
  4. Specify whether the quote is paraphrased or a direct quotation.
  5. Hit “save”.

If you get stuck or encounter problems, you can visit the AdWords Help Center.

Review Extensions Make Your Ads Larger and More Visible: Get Onboard Now!

Enabling review extensions obviously increases the size of your ad, furthering the money you are spending, and giving you more chance to leave an impression that will convince the user to click.

Although the URL of the source will also run with your ad, you will not be charged for clicks to the publication sites. Review extensions have the capability to deliver richer information to searchers based on feedback and accolades received from real people.

There really is no reason not to include this as part of your AdWords strategy now. Setting it up takes just a couple of minutes, and the benefits for such a small amount of time could be considerable.

Luke Chaffey

Luke Chaffey is a Digital Marketing Specialist with KBB Digital. For advice on Digital Marketing, including SEO services and Digital Strategy, visit

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