Need to Know: Why Client Data Is Holding You Back

Our world is connected in previously unimaginable ways.

Since Facebook’s massive data breach scandal in 2015, customer sensitivity around privacy and personal anonymity has intensified. A recent study conducted by McAfee around browser habits and attitudes found that of the 6,400 surveyed globally, many had serious concerns about their online privacy.

The report found that the top concerns for customers included uncertainty on securing devices, weak password management and lack of control around how companies collect personal information.

Overcome Digital Marketing’s Data Problem

With successful digital marketing primarily dependent upon the collection of personal information, a marketer’s challenge is now twofold: Acquiring and processing information and enhancing their customers willingness to share their information.

To boost your customer acquisition and retention rates, our experts have compiled their top 6 website enhancements for small businesses:

1. Trust Signals

One of the key determinants for a customer’s willingness to share personal information (46%) was aligned with their perception of a brand. Incorporating testimonials, ratings, certifications and affiliations are all successful ways of boosting a business profile. Also including clear messages about data management, and not on-selling their personal information, is attributed to establishing a baseline level of trust.

2. Streamlined Purchase Experience

Providing a seamless experience to book, download or buy from online proved critical to a customer’s willingness to share personal information. The mandatory information to purchase needs to be easy, care-free, routine and typically no more than 3-clicks for a successful transaction to transpire.

3. Well Designed Website

Customers described an increased level of comfort in sharing personal information when the website looked professional and well formatted. By incorporating clear, well presented information and call to actions increased conversions.

4. Pop-Up Incentives

Providing promotional offers such as discounts on sale item/s, competitions and loyalty program offers increased respondents likelihood of signing up. Respondents perceived these incentives as a ‘return on investment’ and triggered higher click throughs.

5. Power to Unsubscribe

Providing clear messaging about the customers’ ability to unsubscribe easily enhances their willingness to give in 7% of incidences. Many reported little concern about flagging the email or removing themselves from the list if they later became unwilling to receive business communications.

6. Tailored Communication

Respondents viewed tailored communications and promotions as favourable, enhancing their willingness to provide more personal information. When developing your site content, and messaging consider the recipient’s characteristics or needs and why they would be on your site.

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Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey is Digital Marketing Expert on Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders, and Managing Director of KBB Digital. With a keen eye on innovation and developing trends, Dave Chaffey concentrates squarely on digital marketing for growing SMEs.

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