Social Slips: The Biggest Mistakes to Date

When it comes to social media, there are a couple of common mistakes we see time and time again. Some of the most common mistakes such as inconsistent social media posting and being too promotional can be seriously damaging to your brand and you may not even know it.

Find out if you’re doing more harm than good on your business’ social channels…

Autogenerated Transcript (Social Slips: The Biggest Mistakes to Date):

If you’re running social media with your business at the moment, you need make sure that you’re using it effectively, but not going to overboard. Now I’ve seen a lot of people fall victim to a lot of issues with social media and I want to run through some top ones, that I’ve see.

Now the first one is about spreading yourself too thin, if you’re out there on five different social media channels you need to be looking at these and seeing which ones actually bring back return. If you’re finding ones that you’re just there for the sake of being there, you should really reassess this.

The next one is not posting content regularly, now this one I see all the time, someone starts posting content every day for a week and then stops for a month or, they start posting once every week and stop for three months. It is inconsistent, everyone seems to do it, you need to make sure you get on a schedule.

The next one is also not staggering your posts, now I have seen a lot of times people get excited about social media they post five things in a day and then all of a sudden there’s nothing for ages and then they post another five things all at the exact same time. You need to separate these, don’t film all five at the same time, do one every couple hours just stagger it a little bit.

The next one is inconsistent branding now, if you have imagery coming into your ads or into your social media posts then include your branding. Make sure it’s consistent, you don’t want to be doing one sort of design one time and then another design another time, keep consistency, build that brand message.

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The next one is not responding to your customers, now this is someone maybe has a complaint or maybe they actually just have a question in one of your social media posts, you need to make sure that you’re there for them, make sure you’re engaging back to them, don’t just post out there and hope for the best, make sure you’re actively talking and engaging with your users.

The next one is not utilizing graphics and videos throughout your posts, if you’re just doing plain text every day or every week or however many times a week you do it, you need to make sure that you flavour it up a little bit, get little graphics in there get a nice quick video in there it helps engagement and helps show variety.

And the last one is being overly self-promotional, if you’re constantly just pushing your message you’re gonna lose people, you know, make sure it’s not just about pushing a message but also showing growth to your users, showing value to your users get those value posts up and going.

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