Digital Frontier: Intent Based Marketing

Do you know the intent of your online audience down to the micro level? Kochie’s Business Builders expert Dave Chaffey has always been a champion for personalised digital communication driving business performance. Learn how Intent Based Marketing is changing the future of your customer service from woe to go.

What Does Intent Based Mean For You?

Autogenerated Transcript: Digital Marketing’s New Frontier: Intent Based

One of the things you’re going to hear a lot of coming soon is intent-based marketing. It’s a fantastic way of thinking that tries to match the intent of the consumer in the moment to what content that they see on the website and it really is down to that micro level that digital marketing allows. Because a consumer can be at the start of a journey or at the end of a journey when it comes to purchasing your product. We also know that a consumer can have different levels of attention and availability for example If I advertise to a CEO, and I know that they’re only seeing it on a mobile device after 8 o’clock at night. Well, they’re probably in front of the telly was not much time on their hands in just a cursory glance but if I advertise I can get in front of that same person and 11:00 a.m. On a Monday on a desktop computer. Well, I think I can give them a lot more content and get them much more engaged. So it’s about knowing the intent of the person in the moment and then try to match that to the content the page or whatever offer we have so that we get their attention and get more of them to sign up, ring, fill in the contact form and that’s when intent based marketing is about and you’re going to see a lot of it coming soon.

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Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey is Digital Marketing Expert on Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders, and Managing Director of KBB Digital. With a keen eye on innovation and developing trends, Dave Chaffey concentrates squarely on digital marketing for growing SMEs.

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