Design A Winning SEO Strategy For Voice Search

Are your customers busy people? If you said ‘yes’ chances are they belong to the majority of us now using voice search with Siri, Amazon or Google Assistant. Luke Chaffey, senior SEO strategist and Google partner, explores the tools you can use from copy writing to schema code to increase your visibility.

How Can Siri and Alexa Work For You?

Autogenerated Transcript: Design A Winning SEO Strategy For Voice Search

With the huge growth of mobile devices these days a lot of us understand that we need go down and mobile first strategy I understand that we need to go down and mobile first strategy but one thing that people are starting to learn and look at is a voice search strategy this is at the moment 60% of searches through Google are done by mobile and 27 % through voice search. Voice search itself is when someone is in a brush or looking for Australian formation will ask Google, ask Alexa any of those devices. Ask Siri and ask for a question and expect an answer back, now all we need to do to take advantage of this especially with your web site itself. You need to make sure the website is responsive and loads fast, this way will help you rank higher Google and also when someone clicks through don’t want to stay on your site. The Next part is the actual format of the things, so when we have is when someone typically searches that might be searching for where where buy running shoes online. Where as with voice search people starting to ask questions in natural progression, that is where can I buy running shoes online rather just doing a little tiny segments they’re asking the question because people are understanding that Google are going to understand that question. No along with this you need to understand the user intent, that is the person who’s done the search itself, are they asking a question about the running shoes or are they asking where can I buy them online? You understand where that user intent is and write content around at question and then answer it on your page. If that if you’re in a local business setting but you need to be making sure that no not only where can I buy running shoes but in your local area because people are now searching for where can I buy running shoes or where can I get running shoes closest to me and Google is going to look at their location and look the people in there local area. Along with that you can also help search engines get your content through advanced techniques like getting integrated with schema code, there a little bit more complex and you’ll need to go to your web developer to look at those, but definitely look at schema code and get an integrated into your website.

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