Customer Experience: Why It Pays To Think Like Them

Do you have high bounce rates or low conversions? One core expectation of your customers is brand consistency. With less time and more noise you need to ensure their journey is considered, clear and strategic to drive business results.

How To Exceed Your Customer Expectations

Autogenerated Transcript: Customer Experience: Why It Pays To Think Like Them

Okay to get the most out of your digital marketing you need to start thinking like a consumer. If you’re spending money on advertising like an Adwords or Facebook or anywhere for that matter then you’ve got to give a very clear consistent message. Now this is an issue that I see people doing badly, a lot of people pay money for advertising that takes users through to their homepage that’s not what a homepage is for the homepage is to set the tone of what your business is about. If you want to get value for money you should take people who are clicking on one of your ads through to a page which has the same.

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Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey is Digital Marketing Expert on Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders, and Managing Director of KBB Digital. With a keen eye on innovation and developing trends, Dave Chaffey concentrates squarely on digital marketing for growing SMEs.

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