Cost Benefit: DIY Websites Vs. Web Developer

Web developer Jake Crone puts the latest drag ‘n’ drop platforms to the test. Learn what he has to say on the insurgence of DIY websites and why it can pay to hire a professional. Strategy, support and ongoing optimisation are critical to the success of your digital marketing and are often the first thing to go missing when you take a shortcut. Consider your website objectives, technical expertise and available resources before getting started.

What DIY Websites Are Missing

Autogenerated Transcript: Cost Benefit: DIY Websites Vs. Web Developer

A very common question I am asked all the time as a developer is how I feel about the increasing amount of Do It Yourself Drag & Drop page builders. Surely, I would be worried that there are tools out there that completely eliminate the need for me, a Website Developer… but I’m not…When I am asked this question, I like to answer by getting a piece of paper, a pencil and handing it to them to draw me something. They always answer the same. Either they draw a stick figure that a 5-year-old could draw or they hesitantly say ͞but Jake I can’t draw͟…. Which is exactly my point. Just because you have the tools to create a website doesn’t mean you can. Yes, you can create a website but will it actually drive conversions…. Probably not. Creating a website isn’t just putting images and text on a page, there is a science. Did you know there is an actual pattern in which someone will read a page? And depending on how much text you use vs the placement of your headings…. they could just skip the entire section that you just spent hours writing. We do, we know the tricks & the tactics to make sure that your customers and search engines see exactly what you want them to see. We know the importance of balance, how to keep a page looking amazing but still load in a few seconds. These are the sorts of things you won’t get by drag and dropping your own website.

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