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The Digital Marketing Myths You Always Believed

Kochie’s Business Builder’s Expert Luke Chaffey has seen digital marketing myths come and go over his 10 years of experience. One lesson you can take from his video? Do your own thorough digital research before making any decisions in 2018. Traditional Marketing is dead? More traffic equals more conversions? Let's see.
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8 Wrong Ways to Use Social Media

Most small businesses know that they need to harness the power of social media as part of their digital marketing strategy. However, if not careful, some of the ways small businesses use social media could, in fact, hurt their brand rather than build brand loyalty. To help you avoid some of these social media faux pas, I have compiled a brief list of common mistakes and solutions on how to avoid them...
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Google Says Goodbye to Desktop Websites

Not too long ago, Google announced a major revision in the way it was going to rank pages in its search results. Since the majority of searches were being made from mobile devices, Google decided it was time to begin rolling out a mobile-first strategy. What that meant for internet users was that mobile-friendly websites would rank higher than desktop-only sites in search results...
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