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Top Tip for Measuring SEO Metrics

Those looking to use the latest SEO strategies to optimise content simply must be across this top tip. This important tip will lead you to page 1, and maybe even position 1, in no time at all. This crucial information is brought to you by Kochie's Business Builder's Expert Luke Chaffey.
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Understanding the Four Pillars of SEO

If you're going to commit to SEO, you really cannot go in half-hearted. You cannot tick everything off the list and walk away. SEO done well requires you to constantly check in with Google's latest algorithm updates and make small - or large - tweaks to mirror this.
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How Google’s New Review Extension Can Help Your Small Businesses Pay-per-click

Following a successful Beta release of Google AdWords Review Extensions in June last year, Google is now rolling the feature out across all their AdWords accounts. This new feature could be a helpful tool for local businesses who don’t have seller rating extensions to add validity to their sponsored advertisements. The idea behind the extension is that searchers can access authoritative reviews about a business under a company’s AdWords listing directly on the search engine results page, without having to navigate away...
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