Amazing Content Marketing Tips for 2018

It can be hard to keep up with the pace of change. The barrage of content being created means it is the optimal time to be strategic about where you spend your time and resources. Learn what Digital Marketing expert Luke Chaffey has to say about the essentials to stay ahead of the competition.

Make Your Voice Matter With These Modern Hacks

Autogenerated Transcript: Amazing Content Marketing Tips for 2018

When it comes to getting your content produced and distributed out online there are a lot of different ways that have been happening over the years. In 2018 there are a few fundamental shifts now the first one is around being mobile first now more and more people are expecting to be able to see your site on mobile and interact it with no issues at the moment 60% of searches are done through Google via stand via mobile devices and you need to make sure that you’re stepping up to that. Along with that machine learning is coming through and categorizing blogs automatically, so what you need to be looking at is producing three sort of key areas of content the first one is video content more and more people are gathering videos and they’re producing video is more and people are ingesting videos a lot more than they did in the past you can utilize these on YouTube on your social channels in your newsletters, along with that people are now ingesting images a lot more as well and images can be great to portray a whole scenario, whether it’s a whole long image or just a short one to get some short sharp message out you can then utilize these three your social channels your email marketing, on your website and last one that’s growing a bit more is just audio. Straight audio content traditionally it’s been through podcasts a lot more now it’s going through a webinar that’s turned into a podcast but people are now ingesting these through YouTube, through your social channels and getting it out there just by directly emailing now one area though that still exists is traditional distribution you can’t forget about the traditional methods that you’ve been taking. Whether it’s been straight emails whether it’s been printed material this sort of content distribution still exists and you still need to be looking at it.

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