Adwords: Display Vs. Search Advertising

On the fence with your Adwords strategy? Because every business is different your choice will be largely dependent upon your objectives. While search advertising can drive customers to convert, display advertising is ideal for building brand awareness. Make an informed decision by watching this short tutorial about the state of your Adwords affairs.

What Adwords Will Work For You?

Autogenerated Transcript: Adwords Strategy: Display Vs. Search Advertising

When it comes to digital advertising one question I’m always asked about is, in Google Adwords should I be doing search or display advertising. Now just quickly, for those who don’t know search advertising is when you put together a text based ad and someone searches and your ads come up at the top of the search. Whereas display advertising is you get an image for your company and puts them up all throughout the web on different websites. Now one area is which one is actually the best? And it does ultimately come down to what your trying to achieve. One avenue is getting brand recognition out there if your trying to get your name out there then the best avenue for this is through push marketing through display advertising. Where you try to push your brand out into the general public, whereas if your looking for a bit more of a return on investment, search advertising is the way to go because someone has to actually search for there specific term that your advertising towards. So your pulling them in towards you. So if your advertising a product and services then we would want to be looking at using search advertising. Now the best thing with Google Adwords is that you also then get real time google analytics. So your able to see when someone comes through from display advertising, as in how there interacting within your website and along with that search advertising can see the exact same information and see are they actually converting on your website and then be able to change or optimise your ads or turn off the ads if there not performing well and ultimately if your trying to get back in the face of someone you can then use analytics, and the fact that they’ve come to your website to re engage with them through something called remarketing and google adwords display advertising. There are a lot of different avenues and if your looking for return on investment search advertising is the way to go. But if your trying to get a general brand out there use display advertising.

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