Accelerate Business Growth with Amazing Load Times

The race for customer loyalty is on and you won’t believe how quickly it can be lost.

Site load times are critical for any successful inbound marketing effort. KBB Digital expert Luke Chaffey details his small business go-to tech tips for optimising your site load time. If you ever wanted to know what page caching, HTML5 and image compression can do for your site – now’s your chance to find out

4 Ways to Accelerate Site Load Times

Autogenerated Transcript: Accelerate Business Growth with Amazing Load Times

Website loading time matters a lot. Ideally, your webpages should load in no more than one to two seconds even on less reliable mobile connections. And I want to share how you can do this. The first is utilised with page caching. This helps by storing snapshots of your webpages. This reduces page load times. If your website is built with WordPress, have a look at WP Super Cache. The second revolves around plugin usage. If you’re still using old technologies, like Flash or Java, it’s time to ditch them, as they slow down page loading times dramatically. These days, HTML5 web technologies do all that for us and much, much more efficiently. Then next is around the number of requests you make. Every resource you include on your webpages is something additional that has to be loaded. If you have too many of them it will definitely affect the loading time of your pages. Try using Pingdom’s speed test to see how many requests you’re making. Images are one of the most significant reasons for slow page loading times. Make sure that you’re resizing images, saving in the most efficient file type and trying to compress the images to reduce their size. And lastly is on hosting. Not all servers are created equal. There are usually many options to choose from, such as dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and virtual private servers (VPS). If your pages continue to load slowly even after everything, you might need to upgrade to a solution that offers more resources.

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