7 Steps to Maximise Your Content Cut-Through

Creating engaging content in a world flooded with communication can be tricky business. How do you design content that will drive click throughs, comments and conversions? In this online tutorial learn 7 simple ways you can make your words count. From increasing trust signals to posting frequency – Google partner and KBB Digital expert Luke Chaffey gives you the latest inbound marketing solutions best suited for small business. You won’t believe how simple it is to boost your brand!

Amplify Your Brand Voice Online

Autogenerated Transcript: 7 Steps to Maximise Your Content Cut-Through

When you’re producing content online, there’s a lot of excitement around getting it right for search engines, getting right for your audience but sometimes it just doesn’t get shared and there are some key reasons or common reasons why this occurs. I’m going to run through some of these. So firstly, is quality. You make sure that you’re not just going for quantity of content here, you need to make sure that each piece is giving its care, giving it’s time, to actually go into it and talk about that topic in great depth. The second one, is around being dare to be different. That is, don’t just produce what your competitors are producing, take what they’re doing and enhance it times it by ten. Make it an experience for someone whose coming in to your site. next thing you need to understand your audience so you’re producing content that you think is right, but is it actually right for the audience that you’re trying to talk to? Do they understand all the information that you’ve actually talked about? The next one is around how do you get a personal touch, you can talk about an experience that someone actually had with that content or as a result of that content? you can just help increase the trust behind that piece of content and just show a reason why someone should share it. Now along with all of this you need to be looking at your posting frequency, that is how often, how consistent you are in actually posting your content. Don’t just produce one piece then leave it for a few months, then produce another one then leave it for a year, make sure you get on to a bit of a schedule there. Next make sure it’s actually easy for them to share, do you actually have social sharing buttons on that blog post, on that topic itself? And lastly, if you can lead it towards encouraging participation let’s get them commenting on it. Is there a way to ask them a question around the actual piece of content so that they actually get involved and then want to share to get other people’s opinions as well.

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