7 Proven Steps to Killer Mobile Marketing

As of July 2018 Google expects you to be mobile friendly. If you want to take advantage of the 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices your website needs to be optimised across devices. What does this mean? Discover the 7 quickest ways you can maximise your visibility to get more clicks, calls and buys.

How to Maximise Your Mobile Traffic

Autogenerated Transcript: 7 Proven Steps to Killer Mobile Marketing

As of July 2018, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Google have said and come out, in saying that you need to have a fast loading mobile friendly website. If you want to get good rankings in mobile searches. Now how do you actually get there? Firstly you need make sure that your website is responsive, if someone’s looking at a desktop and looking on a tablet and looking at a mobile, the experience all needs to be consistent, it needs to be good. Along with that you need to make sure you have a fast loading site you want to try and make your site loading within two seconds, the longer it takes to load the more likely someone is to just leave. Along with that you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to navigate throughout the site. Whether it’s having clear call to actions on the page which a big smack-bang for the mobile site or having a top menu there that is easy to navigate through and easy to find the information they’re going to be looking for. along with that when they’re on a mobile device make the content very friendly, have short sharp blocks of content with big call to actions underneath them make it as easy as possible for someone to see what they need to do. Don’t forget about voice search at the moment 60% of searches are done through mobile devices on google and all of those 20% are done through voice search if you’re trying to get in there for voice search make sure you have content that talks about a question that someone might be asking and it actually answers it. An embrace of supported platforms utilize Google my business to get clicked to calls on your Google my business listing if you can get into your website as well click – cause when they’re just on mobile devices include those, and lastly when there’s mobile optimized advertising platforms make sure you take advantage of that if you can get a mobile specific version of your ad and send them to a mobile specific page get on that.

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