5 Productivity Hacks to Automate the Everyday

Do you spend too long working in the business and not on it?

There are digital tools that can help you with that. With the advancements in artificial intelligence and SaaS platforms entrepreneurs and business owners can now spend more time doing the important things. Learn how Google Partner Luke Chaffey is able to squeeze the most out of his time with free platforms that automate the everyday: From social media schedulers to CRM solutions determining the lead value of your database.

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Autogenerated Transcript: 5 Productivity Hacks to Automate the Everyday

There’s a lot of buzz around marketing automation at the moment in the digital sphere with marketing automation. There is a lot of benefits that you can take from it, but there are also some negatives to it, now the key benefit is that you can take your day-to-day tasks that you can automate. You can send those emails automatically through. But with that comes with the loss of personalization, now some examples that you can utilize to actually get marketing automation inside your business is firstly a mailing list, utilizing something like MailChimp, you can have an offer on your website that someone signs up for and then through MailChimp you can send through an automated series of emails. 1 2 3 that then hopefully leads to a sign up you can also then secondly, take online posting if you’re currently doing social media posting all manually. You can actually utilize things like HootSuite to schedule your posts in advance. Thirdly you can prioritize leads so if you’re utilizing a CRM at the moment, most of them these days have an artificial intelligence tool that helps you show which leads are probably more likely to come in. Fourth we have the shopping cart functionality, so if you’re currently running a shopping cart on your website, if someone’s put in like an email address to actually make a purchase and then decided not to go through with that, you should be following them up. Make sure that you can see why did you not follow it, why did you not actually convert? Fifth, we can actually look at scheduling appointments through marketing automation, so there is tools out online that you can actually send someone to a page, you can see what appointments are actually available for the day or for the future and then allow them to just book them straight into your calendar. And lastly, we have website testing. So utilizing something like Google search console, we can have our website sitting in there and Google’s going to continuously just look at it automatically for you and actually understand what’s going wrong on the website and how you can best fix those up.

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