4 Ways to Convert With A Killer Content Strategy

One of the greatest challenges small businesses face is lead generation. Do you have a great site but your clicks aren’t converting?

Learn why web specialist Jake Crone considers your content the conversion ‘X-Factor’ and how he makes the most of dwell time with expert copy writing and image compression. Before you kickstart your next marketing campaign make sure your site is optimised for conversion.


How To Maximise Your Content Engagement

Autogenerated Transcript: 4 Ways to Convert With A Killer Content Strategy

So you have a good website, you have some traffic coming in but you’re still not getting calls or emails? What you’re missing is conversion optimisation, creating a website is only the start, optimising your site is what will bring your customers through the door, or digital door. Here are some quick tips when it comes to optimising your site. Less is more, when it comes to your websites content less is always more, your customers don’t want to read big blobs of content looking for want, they will skim a page read only parts of it. So break your content into bite size chunks, a paragraph or two and always use a title that is going to grab their attention, the title is what they will see then if it is enticing enough they will keep reading. Optimize your images, the one thing that will deter your customers the most is a slow loading website, there are a lot of things you can do to increase your speed with plugins but the biggest killer is images. Resize your images and compress them, there are a number of online tools for compressing and resizing images like tinypng.com and befunky.com. Be direct in your writing, people don’t want to have to read fluff content to find what they want, be clear and direct. Remember to tell them why they need your product or service and how it will benefit them. Lastly add trust signals to your pages like testimonials, having testimonials on your page sends a message to your new customer that others have used the service and are happy. There we go, some quick tips for optimising your website and its content.

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