4 Proven Tactics to Slash Cart Abandonment

It may not come as a surprise when we say your e-commerce strategy can be measured by your cart conversion rate. With a whopping 69% of users dropping out before they complete the transaction this can be a problem for businesses. Web developer and KBB Digital top gun Jake Crone explores 4 quick simple and effective ways to boost your profitability. Learn the massive impact a well executed intent pop-up, guest check-ins, shipping and remarketing.

Learn How To Optimise Your Cart Conversion

Autogenerated Transcript: 4 Proven Tactics to Slash Cart Abandonment

As part of your digital marketing strategy you’ll already be posting awesome content on a regular basis. But you may have noticed that there’s a time lag between when you post and when those updates appear in search results. So how do we go about requesting a recrawl? Only Google’s engineers truly know how their algorithms work but it is clear that if you produce high quality content on a regular basis, Google search bots will recrawl your site on a more frequent basis. Long-time followers of my content will know that following SEO best practices is really important because it will get crawled more regularly. But it is worth repeating because it is a common pitfall for those newer to e-commerce or the digital space. use a mobile-first strategy have a responsive design fast page loading times Technical errors often prevent your site being crawled. Utilise Google’s gree tool, search console to analyse your website. If you notice any errors it means that your site isn’t able to be crawled properly so resolve these as quickly as possible. The previous points were about making sure your website is as friendly as possible for search bots. However if you need to, you can request a manual crawl. sign into Google Search Console
© KBB Digital. For internal use only. Not for redistribution. Page 4 of 8 under Crawl you should see Fetch As Google enter the page you wish to fetch and click Fetch in a few moments you’ll be presented with the results. Click the Request Indexing button that is included. If you’ve made a lot of changes to your website including adding new pages, changing the navigation menu or structure or even deleting pages, the most efficient way to request a recrawl is to re-submit your sitemap. Although Google generally will crawl your site of its own accord, you don’t want to leave it all up to them!

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