3 Proven Steps to Conversion Optimisation

There’s been a great deal of talk around conversion optimisation, and rightfully so. But one question that tends to get left out of the mix is: Is it for you?

Depending on a couple of key factors, you may find the answer is no.

But if you do find this could offer real value and insight, there are some key steps you don’t want to miss when heading down this road…

Is Conversion Optimisation for you? And if so, what now?

Autogenerated Transcript: 3 Proven Steps to Conversion Optimisation

If you have lots of web traffic you should consider doing conversion rate optimisation, it’s a proven method of delivering incremental improvements over time. You don’t have to be a big business for conversion optimization to be useful, but you have to have enough traffic to make it worth the time and money that you’ll put into it so, this is better for established businesses rather than startups.

All we’re trying to do is say a certain amount of traffic comes to the website, what do we do to get more of them to convert, now there’s three levels.

The first level is based around advice and that just involves understanding the consumer behaviour, the purchase pattern and reviewing the website and looking at what’s not working and what could be done better. At that point conversion optimisation is around recommendations that will improve things and my experience is that they improve things significantly.

The second stage is analysis, that’s digging deeper into the data, it also involves tools like heat mapping and bits and pieces and that’s really good at picking blockages and areas that just aren’t quite working as they should.

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But, the third level is experimenting and this is my favourite by far, be it testing split testing whatever you want to call it. Now at this point we come up with hypotheses to say, let’s say on the homepage having the image over here against having the image over here, it should do a lot better up here, now we put that out there and consumers are shown a random page either this one or this one and at the end of a certain period of time usually a month or six weeks we look at the figures. And if it shows not much difference well it just sits there but if it shows a significant difference then we can see that this pattern is worth implementing and that’s what happens, that becomes implemented and then that increase happens ongoing. While that’s happening, we might move on to other pages and try other hypotheses. And what’s great about this is every month there’s some little incremental movement that goes up and up and up and up. Now it’s not uncommon to see increases in conversion of 20 to even a hundred percent from conversion optimization.

Certainly AB testing will give you two to five percent depending on the website, of course every map or every time you’re testing, so that’s incremental stuff in that it keeps going and going and going it’s a fantastic opportunity but you’ve got to have the traffic there first, but if you’re getting the people to the site this is one of the quickest and surest ways that you can improve your bottom line.


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Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey is Digital Marketing Expert on Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders, and Managing Director of KBB Digital. With a keen eye on innovation and developing trends, Dave Chaffey concentrates squarely on digital marketing for growing SMEs.

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