3 Effective Ways To Optimise Your Impressions

Designated entry points are the shopfront to your business online. While the traditional approach has been to design one home page for all traffic, trends indicate more tailored landing pages drive significantly higher conversion rates. As your business grows, so to will your customer base on the value that they seek. Learn how to design your website experience around the type of clients with the help of KBB Digital’s Senior Strategist Dave Chaffey.

How Do You Welcome Your Customers?

Autogenerated Transcript: 3 Effective Ways To Optimise Your Impressions

One of the ways that you can get more value from your website is to talk about the entry pages, now what do I mean by that well on your website amongst all of the pages there are certain pages which are or should be designated as entry points but you’re trying to funnel all most of your traffic and each of them has a different purpose now. The people who are doing it really well do it along these lines, first of all you have your home page now a lot of people send all their traffic through that but the ones who are doing it really well understand that their home page is basically a pace that people who already know you come through so most of the people who come to your home page will be typing in your name, they might have your web address. They already know who you are, they might be your current customers, so let’s just write that page specifically knowing that that’s the case. Now if we’re doing advertising to an unknown audience to try to attract new people we’ve got to impress them but we don’t want to talk to them like they already know us. So let’s leave the home page over here and let’s create another page and this is a landing page and the landing page has to be as beautiful and appealing as the home page but it has to talk specifically to whatever advertising topic that you have and you can have as many of these landing pages as you like and that’s how we’re getting some real value out there and then thirdly thinking about blogs or blog pages. Now here’s an interesting one, the way that we do blog pages here at KBB Digital is a lot of them are written with the intention that we’re going to post them onto social media and we’re going to promote them on social media. So we know that about eighty-five percent of our traffic in that case is on a mobile device so we make sure that the blog page is very well laid out for a mobile device and that if we have any call to action like a download or the light it’s a simple button that’s easy to operate from a mobile device now it might seem a bit sort of over the top but if you know the intention of the person who’s coming to your website when they come through a specific entry point, you can tailor your message and it could be the difference between getting sort of a 5% commitment through to a eight or nine percent commitment which can be massive for your bottom line. So that’s website entry points and you need to think about that and think how could we do this better for the type of client that I have.

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Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey is Digital Marketing Expert on Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders, and Managing Director of KBB Digital. With a keen eye on innovation and developing trends, Dave Chaffey concentrates squarely on digital marketing for growing SMEs.

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